Toddler dies after being strangled by soccer net

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled 190,000 MacGregor and Mitre folding soccer goals after a young child became entangled in a net and was strangled to death. The agency recalled the goals, distributed by Regent Sports Corp. of Hauppauge, N.Y and sold nationwide, because they say the netting has dangerous sized gaps; The gaps in the net are 20 inches square and they should be less than 17 or greater than 28 inches.

seattle danger products lawyerThis is not the first time soccer goals have been responsible for deaths. In May, we reported on the Consumer Product Safety alert which cited 21 deaths because movable soccer goals, if not anchored properly, had a tendency to topple over, sometimes causing massive head injuries. In Washington State, a 22 year old Bellevue man was killed when a goal post fell onto his head. In Woodinville, a 5-year-old girl received massage head injures when struck by a goal post and a 16 year old Yakima girl was seriously injured when a goal fell on her.

Every year dangerous or defective products cause thousands of injuries to consumers in Washington State. The Washington Products Liability Act (RCW7.72) describes the legal set of rules concerning responsibility for the manufacture and/or sale of defective or dangerous products to consumers. These rules sometimes make it easier for an injured person to recover damages.

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