Thurston County 4th of July cannon seriously injures 3

A 4th of July celebration ended in tragedy in Rochester, in Thurston County, Washington, when three people were injured by shrapnel from a cannon that was fired at a party. Emily Johnson is in critical condition at Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia with serious abdomen and leg injuries reports The Olympian. She is in a drug-induced cannon and has undergone several surgeries with at least one more planned.

An 11-year-old-boy and a 34-year-old man both suffered lacerations to their legs and abdomens and are being treated for their injuries. The boy was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle and the man is being treated at Providence Centralia Hospital. Their names and conditions have not been released.

Sgt. Cheryl Stines of the Thurston County Sheriff’s department said the incident is under investigation. The cannon was fired in the 9200 block of Applegate Loop SW. in Rochester. The explosion was so strong that it sent projectiles through the wall of a neighbor’s house.

This accident is very similar to one that occurred last year near Littlerock. Devin Vybony, an 8-year-old boy from Olympia was killed after his Grandfather exploded a small cannon at a family gathering and he was hit in the chest with shrapnel.

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