The Seattle Times reports man “ok” after nail shot in skull in construction accident

The Seattle Times reports that George Chandler of Kansas had a 2-1/2″ nail from a pneumatic nail gun lodged into his skull in a construction accident.

Chandler was working with his friend, Phil Kern, who was using a nail gun to fasten lattice work to a deck. The hose to the gun got caught and the gun discharged and fired the nail into Chandler’s skull.

An emergency room doctor was able to remove the nail with a claw hammer. Chandler is a lucky man because he only felt a “sting” and he has no long term health effects from the nail being lodged into his skull.

In a previous posting, we wrote about a widow of a man killed by a nail gun suing the manufacturer of the gun that killed her husband for wrongful death. In an investigative report, the Sacramento-Bee highlighted the stories of many people who have been seriously injured or killed with nail guns.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 100 people a day seek medical attention due to nail gun injuries. These injuries include puncture wounds, eye injuries, fractured bones, brain and head injuries and nerve damage.

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