The Seattle Times profiles dog bite victims

The Seattle Times had an excellent article by reporter Christine Clarridge today about the devastation that dog bites can cause their victims. This is especially poignant after the severe mauling of Huong Le of Sea-Tac in September. Le, who is an extremely petite, 71-year-old woman, was viciously mauled by two out-of-control pit bull dogs. Now, five weeks later, Le is in constant pain, she may never regain the use of one arm and the bite marks on her legs are still extremely painful. Surgeons had to reattach her ears after they were torn off.

Clarridge’s article also profiles Ona Deane-Gordly who is still suffering severe pain more than a year after she was attacked by a dog that bit her more than 70 times. In that attack, her skin and muscles were pulled off her bones, and her scalp peeled from her skull. She has permanent nerve damage.

This article shines the spotlight on the devastation an attack from a dog can cause. With 1,000 dog bites a year in Seattle and King County, this is a big problem. Some call for the banning of particular breeds of dogs like pit bulls. Others caution against this calling it a knee-jerk reaction and pointing out that most dog bites are from family pets.

Dog bite injuries include:

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  • Disfigurement, often of the face
  • Permanent nerve damage
  • Psychological damage including post-traumatic stress syndrome
  • Severe pain
  • Multiple surgeries — most victims have to have from between 2-5 surgeries according to Henri Gaboriau, a Sammamish plastic surgeon

Some dog bite statistics:

  • Nearly 2% of the U.S. population suffers a dog bite injury annually
  • U.S. Postal carriers suffered 3,423 dog attacks in 2003 alone
  • Dog bites surpasses playground accidents in the number of injuries to children
  • Male dogs bite more frequently than female dogs
  • Dogs that are not spayed or neutered are more than three times more likely to bite
  • Dog bite injuries account for more than $300 million in medical cost
  • There were 26 dog bite fatalities in the United States in 2006

Dog bite statistics from

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  1. janice power says:

    I would like to know what has been done for the patient reguarding the nerve damage, if this can not be reapired what are your solutions for the pain, I live with nerve pain from surgery to both my feet and have not been able to find any snswers so I am looking for any information on what others do.

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