Texting may have been the cause of Lacey car accident

The Olympian reports Tanya M. Bowers, 29, and a 2-year-old girl were injured in an Lacey car accident when the Bowers crashed their car into a parked car. Police believe the woman was texting while driving. A 4-year-old boy in the vehicle was not injured.

The car accident occurred in the 600 block of southbound School Street Southeast in Lacey.

Neither Bowers nor the girl were wearing seat belts. Bowers will be cited under Washington’s seatbelt law, RCW 46.61.687, which requires every person in a motor vehicle to be properly restrained by an approved passenger restraint system and requires adults to properly restrain children.

She will also be cited with RCW 46.61.688 which prohibits a driver from sending, reading or writing a text message while driving.

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