Texting driver killed in Olympia head-on car accident

Police believe that a 22-year-old female driver, Ashley R. Davis-Jones, who was killed in an Olympia head-on car accident was texting when her car crossed the centerline and collided head-on with another vehicle reports King5.com of Seattle.

The car accident occurred on State Route 12 on Friday. Police found an open cell phone on the floor of the Davis-Jone’s Mazda 3 and determined that Ashley had been texting moments before the car accident.

The other driver, a trucker hauling drums of iodine and bleach, was not injured in the motor vehicle accident.

Texting and driving can be a lethal combination. The Seattle Times had an article in the paper today about Wendy Lerch who publicly speaks about the danger of texting and driving ever since her daughter Heather was killed in a car accident just about a year ago. Wendy Lerch has created a website, heathersstory.org, which discusses her daughter Heather’s death and the dangers of texting and driving.

Washington state vehicle code RCW 46.61.668 prohibits sending, reading, or writing a text message while driving. Though the law was enacted about a year ago, Heather’s mother says she still sees drivers texting and driving which makes her very angry.

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