Teenagers charged in nursing home abuse

Two young women, ages 18 and 19, along with six others were charged by Minnesota authorities for abusing patients in the nursing home where they worked as aides. Brianna Broitzman, 19, and Ashton Larson, 18, are charged with misdemeanor assault, abuse of a vulnerable adult by a caregiver and disorderly conduct. Six other young women are also charged but they are juveniles so their names have not been released.

The allegations stem from the young women’s part-time work at the Good Samaritan nursing home in Albert Lea, Minnesota. The teenagers allegedly spat in patients’ mouth, taunted them, and groped their breasts and genitals. One is even accused of sticking her bare butt in the face of one resident and other allegedly stuck her finger in a patient’s rectum.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, there was a pattern of abuse of the patients — most of whom suffered from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia — between January 1 and May 1 of this year.

This egregious conduct makes anyone with a loved one in a nursing home very concerned. Many people are writing blogs questioning how something like this could occur. “Where were the supervisors?” “Were these young aides properly trained?”

Nursing home abuse is becoming more and more prevalent with an aging population. Most nursing home are staffed with professionals and have adequate training. However, in some cases, nursing home operators take short cuts with training and supervisory staff and the patients/residents clearly suffer.

Nursing homes are expect to insure that each and every resident receives care which will allow them to maintain the highest physical, mental and psychological well-being. If the case of these Minnesota teenagers is proven, then the system has really failed these elderly and vulnerable adults.

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