Teenager driver charged with vehicular homicide in Seabeck single car accident that killed 3

We have seen this story far too often. Teenagers attend a party, the driver consumes alcohol, the driver loses control of the car and young lives end tragically in a car accident.

According to KOMO News, this past weekend a 17-year-old teenage driver was charged with Vehicular Homicide after a single car accident in Seabeck that killed three passengers of a Toyota Corolla.

According to the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office, the teenagers had attended a party in Seabeck prior to the car accident. The Toyota they were traveling in was found in a ditch on its roof around 3:16am by a passerby.

Killed in the car accident were James Wiggins-Soudermire, 18, Kassidy Miranda Clark, 16 and Jenna M. Farley, 14.

The 17-year-old driver suffered minor injuries and was treated at Harrison Medical Center in Bremerton. The driver was later booked on suspicion of Vehicular Homicide at Kitsap County Youth Services Center.

Police are still putting together the facts from this auto accident but they believe alcohol and speed were factors.

Teenagers and Alcohol: A Serious Problem

In this car accident, the teenage driver was not legally allowed to consume alcohol but drunk driving statistics reveal this is far too common of a problem:

  • Approximately 30% of all drunk driving deaths occur to young people between the ages of 16-20.
  • Approximately 10.8 million Americans under the age of 21 consume alcohol.
  • Almost 20% of teenagers engage in binge drinking.
  • Most parents are unaware that their teens are binge drinking.

Teenage Drinking and Social Host Laws

Adults who furnish alcohol to teenagers are considered “social hosts” under Washington’s Social Host Laws and they can be held liable if they provided alcohol to a minor and the minor was injured or killed, or injures or kills another in a motor vehicle accident. Even if no one is injured in a car accident, an adult that furnishes minors alcohol can be found guilty of a misdemeanor and face fines and sometimes even jail time.

How a Washington Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Representing the victims and families of victims of drunk driving accidents is important to The Farber Law Group. Drunk driving accidents are far too common and are often devastating to not only the victims but to their families. The compassionate attorneys at The Farber Law Group work hard to seek justice against those whose negligence played a factor in a drunk driving car accident.

While the above accident is still being investigated, the family of the victims deserve to have their questions answered. In Washington, the family of an accident victim can file a wrongful death lawsuit against whomever they believe to be at fault. Contact The Farber Law Group at 1-800-244-9087 or attorney@hgfarber.com to schedule a free and confidential case evaluation. Our Bellevue office is here to assist you.

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