Teen bear hunter who accidentally killed hiker given 30-day sentence

The Seattle Times reports that a teenage bear hunter who accidentally shot and killed Patricia Almli, age 54, of Oso while she was hiking with a friend has been sentenced to 30 days in juvenile detention, 12 months of probation and community service.

The teenage hunter from Concrete was only 14 when he went bear hunting with his 16-year-old brother. He was convicted in June of second-degree manslaughter with a firearm. This case has made the Washington legislature think about the laws regarding hunting in the state as the boy was hunting legally at the time he negligently shot and killed Almli.

Many people feel that the sentence was too lenient, including the victim’s husband, Bill Almli, who said, “It’s like nothing. I just feel like Pam’s life didn’t mean anything. This is not right.”

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