Technology to curb distracted driving and avoid car accidents

Car makers are starting to design and include crash avoidance systems into vehicles to warn drivers when they are not paying attention or when they are drowsy.

Increasingly, technology is being created to warn us about the technology that distracts us. Some of the new technologies coming to a car you might purchase in the future are:

  • Lane departure warnings – warn you when you drift into another lane
  • Forward-collision warnings – warn you when you are approaching too closely the car in front of you

Cell phone blockers

Cell phone blocking software can block your cell phone while you are driving or block the ability to text message. Cell phone blocking software is available for GPS-capable smart phones including Androids and BlackBerrys right now. Software is currently being developed for iPhones.

Parents and employers might want to check out some of the software available now. Following is a short list of products:

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