Tanning beds causes melanoma reports Lancet Oncology

In 1950, the first study showing that smoking causes lung cancer was published. Since then, we have learned that Radon causes lunch cancer and Gamma-Radiation causes many types of cancer. Now, in an equivalently significant study, the International Agency for Research on Cancer reports that tanning beds are “carcinogenic to humans.”

A report in the Lancet Oncology medical journal this week says studies show that tanning beds (or “sunbeds”) emit ultraviolet radiation and this type of radiation is proven to cause skin cancer (melanoma) and eye cancer (melanoma, particularly choroid and ciliary body) in humans.

“People need to be reminded of the risks of sunbeds,” said Vincent Cogliano, one of the cancer researchers. “We hope the prevailing culture will change so teens don’t think they need to use sunbeds to get a tan.” In fact, young people are eight times more likely to get melanoma than someone who has never used a tanning bed. See The Lancet Oncology,¬†Volume 10, Issue 8, Pages 751 – 752, August 2009 for the full report.

seattle dangerous products attorneyMelanoma is a of serious type of skin cancer and is the leading cause of skin cancer related deaths. Approximately 160,000 new cases of melanoma are diagnosed in the U.S. each year and accounts for 75% of skin cancer deaths.

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