Tainted Blood Thinner – Heparin – Linked to 19 Deaths Reports Seattle Times

A blood thinner – Heparin – which contained ingredients from a manufacturing plant in China has been recalled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after it was linked to 19 deaths and 800 serious drug reactions The Seattle Times reported today. The contaminated medication is manufactured by Illinois-based Baxter Healthcare who recalled the product last month. Heparin is a drug thinner which is given to patients who are undergoing heart surgery or kidney dialysis to prevent blood clots. Heparin was recently in the news when an over-dosage amount was given to the twin infants of actor Dennis Quaid. In Quaid’s case, his twins were given 1,000 times the amount of recommended dose of the drug; Quaid has filed suit against the hospital and manufacturer in his case.

The severe reactions to the tainted medication include a large drop in blood pressure and difficult breathing. The FDA is currently investigating the plant in China that manufactures the ingredients for the drug and it appears that the Chinese plant was never inspected due to confusion with the plant’s name.

Washington state law allows for personal injury claims for persons who have been seriously injured or killed by defective prescription medications. Compensation can include:

Wrongful death

• Loss of wages

Pain and suffering

Punitive damages

If a loved one died after they were given heparin or if you had a serious complication after you received heparin, you may deserve compensation for damages. The Farber Law Group is a personal injury firm with 40 years experience. Call us today to discuss your claim.

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