Tactics in medical malpractice cases

With more than 30 years experience in representing medical malpractice victims in the greater Seattle, Washington area, we have seen a lot of excuses that doctors and hospitals have invented to deny culpability in a claim and to distract the jury. As experienced Seattle medical malpractice lawyers, we can expose these tactics so that our clients receive a fair trial.

One of the commonly used defense strategies is blaming the victim. For example, a physician failed to diagnose and treat a patient’s skin cancer which then metastasized. The defense may claim that the patient did not wear sun screen and had a job that included hours of outdoor labor. They will tell the jury that the patient has skin cancer due to their own negligence.

Because The Farber Law Group has years of experience in presenting these claims, we know how to deal with this tactic immediately. A jury can not be misled by focusing on the patient’s lifestyle, why they got the disease as this is irrelevant. As the patient’s lawyer, we keep the focus on the physician’s mistake and the damage it has done.

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