Surgeon convicted of manslaughter in medical malpractice cases

Dr. Jayant Patel a 60-year-old surgeon who was dubbed “Dr. Death” by some of his co-workers and former patients has been convicted of manslaughter in the deaths of three patients who died as a result of surgical malpractice in Australia. Patel was also convicted of grievous bodily harm to another patient.

Patel was a surgeon who practiced medicine at one time or another on three continents over 30 years. It was revealed during Patel’s trial on manslaughter charges that he had a long and troublesome history of botched surgeries, misdiagnoses, post-operative complications, unnecessary surgeries and lawsuits, and patients deaths during his career.

Patel had been a surgeon in Oregon but had disciplinary action taken against him in that state after he botched many surgeries. After the discipline in Oregon, Patel moved to Australia where he obtained the position of Director of Surgery at Bundaberg Base Hospital. Patel’s resume and work history were not properly vetted in Australia and while at the hospital, it is believed that Patel’s incompetence contributed to at least 17 deaths and 31 injuries.

Patel left Bundaberg in 2005 and moved back to Portland, Oregon but he was extradited to Australia in 2008 to stand trial.

According to CNN, “no hospital or health department administrators were charged criminally.” However it appears that the administrative structure at the hospitals where Patel practiced were very lax to allow him to continue performing surgeries with his track record.

The case of Dr. Patel has given health systems throughout the world a wake-up call. Physicians must be properly vetted and credentials checked before a physician is hired.

Another shift that needs to take place in hospitals across the globe is that clinical staff with legitimate fears and concerns should be able to speak up without workplace retaliation.

See the CNN website “World’s Untold Stories” for the complete story entitled Dr. Death shockwaves ripple through Australia by Bill Wunner.

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In pursuing a medical malpractice case, the test is whether the medical professional’s negligence failed to meet the standard of care in his or her profession and the patient suffered injuries due to the negligence.

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