Supreme Court rules in favor of Goodyear in defective tire wrongful death lawsuit

The U.S. Supreme Court met for the last time this season and ruled on a case involving the ability of a state court to hear a case involving a foreign company on claims not related to any activity in the state.

seattle defective tire attorneyIn the case of Goodyear Dunlop Tires Operations v. Brown, the court voted unanimously that the family of two teenagers from North Carolina who were killed in a bus accident while traveling in France for a soccer tournament could not file a wrongful death lawsuit in North Carolina against a foreign manufacturer, Goodyear Luxembourg. The estates of the teens argued that the tires manufactured by Goodyear were defective and caused the bus accident.

The state argued that the North Carolina court could hear the case since the tires were also shipped to the U.S. and North Carolina on a continuing basis.

Goodyear Luxembourg argued that the state could not hear the case because the company had no presence or direct business interests in North Carolina.

The significance of the Supreme Court decision is that a court cannot hear a claim against a foreign company when the company’s is not connected with the state except in distribution of products. The state does not have jurisdiction over a foreign company when the corporation is not registered in the state, does not have a corporate presence such as a headquarters, does not employee people in the state and does not design or manufacture the product in the state.

Justice Ruth Ginsburg wrote the Court’s opinion. For more information, click here:

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