Summit focuses on distracted driving and cell phone usage

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood will head up a summit this week on distracted driving. He may announce a plan to address cell phone usage by bus and truck drivers.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recommends banning cell phone usage for bus and truck drivers . While the NTSB had made the recommendation, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has not made any edicts yet.

Driver distraction is the cause of approximately 8 percent of large truck accidents.

Tips to avoid driver distraction include:

  • Do not fixate on non-driving related objects. Outside of your vehicle, this could be billboards or buildings and inside your vehicle it could be paperwork or electronic devices.
  • Do not smoke while driving. Studies show that smoking while driving increases your chances of being in an accident.
  • Do not use cell phones or text messaging while driving. Cell phones distract the drivers eyes (to dial), auditory (to listen), biomechanical (physically operating the phone) and cognitive distracter (requiring you to attend in a mental task that is not driving).
  • Do not eat while driving. Eating while driving can be dangerous as it requires a driver to remove their hands from the wheel and is both a physical and visual distraction.

Check the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration web-site for more information on driver distraction.

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