Study says more pedestrians are injured in marked crosswalks than unmarked ones

A study, with results that might be counter intuitive, found that nearly twice as many pedestrians were injured in painted or marked crosswalks than painted ones.

The pedestrian accident study was written by the Transportation Research Board in Washington DC, covered a five year period and looked at 400 intersections that had one painted and one unpainted crosswalk. The study also took into consideration the amount of pedestrian and vehicle traffic at the intersections they studied.
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During the period of the study, 177 pedestrians were hit in the marked crosswalks and there were 18 fatalities versus 31 pedestrian accidents and only three fatalities in the unmarked crosswalks.

The conclusion of the study was that the higher rate of pedestrian accidents in marked crosswalks is due to the pedestrian’s “attitude and lack of caution” when using the marked crosswalk. Pedestrians feel safer when the intersection is marked and thus tend not to take cautious actions like looking both ways.

The authors of the study recommended that crosswalks should only be painted where warranted.

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