Study finds non-profit nursing homes provide better care

A Science Daily study that reviewed more than 82 research studies concluded that non-profit nursing homes provide superior levels of care over the for-profit variety.

“The results are unequivocal and completely consistent with other studies comparing for-profit versus non-profit care,” said Dr. Gordon Guyatt, the study’s senior author and professor of medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada,

The Science Daily, an online British medical journal, compared quality of care measurements collected over a period of 35 years from tens of thousands of nursing homes, most of which were in the United States.

The non-profit homes provided a higher quality care in nursing home staffing which is measured by the number of staff and the quality of staff based on their education and training. Patients in non-profit nursing homes also had fewer incidence of pressure or bedsores. Measurement of staffing and the incidence of bedsores is always indicative of the quality of a facility.

The study noted that nonprofit homes did not use physical restraints as frequently and had fewer quality violations when they were assessed.

Guyatt says that the reason nonprofit institutions are better is that they are not having to satisfy shareholders and they do not have to pay taxes. Often, it is the for-profit nature of many nursing homes which leads them to cut corners and inadequately staff the facility. When a nursing home is inadequately staffed or the staff is not trained properly, falls, pressure sores, mistakes in medication, etc., often arise.

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