States cracking down on aggressive drivers

You might want to read the article today in USA Today entitled “States target bad drivers with new laws, fines.” Some states are targeting “super speeders” and aggressive drivers and providing additional penalties and fines and imposing driving school for those who have been at fault in multiple accidents or have had multiple moving violations.

Justin McNaull, the director of state relations for AAA says, “Car crashes aren’t evenly distributed among all drivers. While this might not be a classic 80%-of-the-problem-is-20%-of- the-people situation, it’s probably pretty close.”

Here’s how some states are dealing with particularly bad drivers:

  • Georgia adds an additional $200 fine to super speeders — people who are traveling more than 75 mph on two lane roads or 85 mph on any road.
  • Kansas makes it illegal to drive in the far left lane of multi-lane highways except when passing or turning left
  • Florida makes people with three car accidents in three years to take a driver education course and a driving test.

In Washington State, the Washington State Patrol has made a concerted effort to focus on road rage and aggressive driving in an effort to reduce car accidents and safe lives.

Aggressive driving
is defined as “the commission of two or more moving violations that is likely to endanger other persons or property, or any single intentional violation that requires a defensive reaction of another drive.”

Road rage
is when a driver uses their motor vehicle as a weapon to assault another operator or passenger on the roadway.

The WSP frequently has emphasis patrols which targets aggressive drivers.

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