Sprouters Northwest of Kent recalls clover because of salmonella link

Sprouters Northwest, a local grower of fresh sprouts located in Kent, Washington, has issued a recall of several of their sprouts products after the Oregon Health department found a possible link to people who became ill due tosalmonella and the Sprouter’s Northwest’s products.

According to a report by Seattle’s King 5 news, two people were sickened in Oregon and four people in Washington due to the salmonella bacteria. The illnesses occurred between December 4 and December 17.

Salmonella is a foodborne illness which can be caused by consuming contaminated food. One form of the bacteria is Salmonella Enteritidis which is linked to chicken eggs; it causes approximately 142,000 reported cases of illness every year resulting in approximately 30 deaths.

Symptoms of foodborne illness can include dehydration, diarrhea, fatigue, fever, headache, nausea and vomiting.

Recalled Products

The recall includes the following products, all with a “best by” date of 1/16/11 and earlier:

  • 4 oz. (UPC 8 15098 00201 6) and 5 oz. (UPC 0 33383 70235 3) containers of Clover sprouts.
  • 1-lb. bags of Clover (UPC 0 79566 12351 5), and 2-lb. trays of Clover (UPC 0 79566 12362 1).
  • Clover Onion sprouts in 4 oz. (UPC 0 79566 12361 4) and 5 oz. (UPC 0 79566 12361 4) containers.
  • Deli sprouts in 4 oz. (UPC 8 79566 12305 4) and 5 oz. (UPC 0 33383 70267 4) containers.
  • Spicy sprouts in 4 oz. (UPC 8 15098 00202 3) containers.
  • Brocco sandwich sprouts in 4 oz. (UPC 8 15098 00028 9) containers.

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