Spokane court charges mother with vehicular homicide in baby’s car seat death

A Spokane County prosecutor has filed charges of Vehicular Homicide in Spokane County Superior Court against Eileen Jensen of Post Falls, Idaho in the car accident death of her infant daughter. According to a report on Seattle’s King5.com, Johnson was involved in a rear-end car accident and her baby daughter was in a rear-facing car seat in the front seat of the vehicle. The car’s air bag went off, injuring Jensen’s daughter who died 10 months later. Jensen will be arraigned February 18.

In the first case of this kind in Washington State, Vehicular Homicide can be charged in cases where a driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, was driving recklessly or was driving without the regard of safety of others and someone is killed or succumbs to their injuries within three years of the accident. The Deputy Spokane County Prosecutor, Mary Ann Brady, says that the death of Jensen’s daughter “fits the criteria” for the charge of Vehicular Homicide.

Comments on the King5.com web-site, did not agree with the Prosecutor’s office. Many people expressed that Jensen had been punished enough and that sentencing her to prison would serve no purpose.

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