Slip, Trip and Fall Accident Prevention

Every year, over a million people are injured in a slip, trip or fall accident. Up to 17,000 Americans die as a result of one of these accidents. Of the approximate 3.8 million disabling injuries every year, approximately 15 percent of them are caused by slip, trip and fall accidents impacting the Worker’s Compensation system and the quality of life of the injured.

Nearly 25 percent of disabling work injuries are caused by falls. Elevated falls — falls from ladders, scaffolding, mobile equipment or other high places — cause the most serious injuries.
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It is estimated that the cost of a disabling injury received in a fall is $30,000 or more. With indirect costs, the number goes much higher. The cost of falls impacts everyone so it is important that safety measures be in place to prevent these injuries.

Safety measures should be in place in both the workplace and in public areas such as at stores, restaurants and parking lots. Some recommendations:

  • Installation of abrasive coatings to concrete, wood and metal to reduce the risk of slipping. These can include coatings, skid-resistant products or rubber-like mats.
  • Signage such as “WET FLOOR” or yellow striping can warn people of slippery and wet areas.
  • Clean spills and drops immediately.
  • Keep floors as dry as possible
  • Keep aisles and passages clear of debris
  • Install fixed ladders to access bins and high levels
  • Install proper height railings on all catwalks
  • Install proper and sufficient lighting.

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