Should gun owners be required to carry liability insurance?

Every since the Sandy Hook massacre, the country has been debating gun control. With nearly 47% of American adults owning a gun, it seems like the genie is out of the bottle already with an estimated 350,000,000 guns in circulation.

Accidental Shootings

When one looks for newspaper articles about accidental shootings, they are not hard to find. In fact, there are upwards to 680 accidental shooting deaths annually with more than 15,000 people injured. We easily found the following articles in The Seattle Times and other newspapers about accidental shootings:

accidental shooting lawyer seattle1/19/13 – 3 hurt in accidental shooting at NC gun show 1/19/13 – 5 hurt in shootings at gun shows in Ohio, Ind., NC 1/16/13 – Pa. dad won’t be charged in gun store shooting in which his 7-year-old-son was killed 3/28/12 – Mother, boyfriend charged in boys accidental shooting 10/12/11 – Accidental shooting is third in Seattle since Friday 8/15/2012 – Nevada man shifts in his theater seat, shoots himself 1/19/11 – Two Gardena High students wounded in accidental shooting on campus 8/8/98 – Man accidentally wounded by 4-year-old neighbor dies 11/24/07 – Man dies in accidental shooting at Riverside firing range 5/14/07 – Boy accidentally shoots, kills fathers

Liability Insurance

One proposal to reduce gun violence is requiring gun owners to carry liability insurance the same as car owners have to carry car insurance.

A professor of economics and public policy at the University of Michigan, Justin Wolfers, said, that if gun owners were required to pay an annual gun license fee that took into account the social — the potential loss of life or injury by the guns whether it be an accidental or intentional death — then people would buy fewer guns.

Russ Roberts, a fellow at the Hoover Institution, believes that requiring people to buy insurance for their guns could potentially deter a person from buying many guns or would make the person consider the potential harm the firearm could cause.

Wrongful Death and Accidental Shootings

If a loved one was seriously injured or killed due to an accidental shooting, you may be entitled to file a negligent or wrongful death lawsuit against the person whose negligence caused the shooting. In establishing a case for negligence, it is important the person who was shot was not the gun owner.

Some examples of accidental shootings include:

  • Failure to secure a gun and allowing access to a child
  • Horseplay
  • Drinking and playing with a gun
  • Cleaning a gun that is loaded
  • Playing a game of chicken
  • Dry firing or aiming a gun that was believed not to be loaded.

Washington Accidental Shooting Attorney

The Farber Law Group has more than 30 years experience representing families with their wrongful death and negligence claims. With our help, we can demand that the person who injured or killed your loved one is held accountable for the accidental shooting. Most people have homeowner insurance or umbrella insurance policies but the insurance companies often will not provide a settlement for accidental shootings unless an attorney is involved.

Because the laws regarding accidental shootings are complex, it is important that an experienced attorney be retained as soon as possible after the shooting.

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