Seattle’s Komo TV reports on unsafe BBQ grill in Seattle, Washington reports that a test by Consumer Reports finds that the Broil King Signet 90 BBQ grill, manufactured by Onward Manufacturing Company Ltd. of Canada is an unsafe product.

Consumer Reports purchased several of the King Signet grills and found that “the firebox on the grill melted.” reports that the editors of Consumer Reports declare that, “Broil King Signet 90 is a dangerous product and you should not buy or use [one].”

Onward Manufacturing Company has placed a recall on the product and provides consumers with a replacement baffle that they can install which should keep the firebox from melting. View the recall notice here:

Thousands of consumers are seriously injured every year by dangerous products. In Washington State, a statute called “Washington Products Liability Act” or WPLA. RCW 7.72 sets forth the legal rules concerning a manufacturers’ responsibility for manufacture and sale of defective or dangerous products. These rules sometimes make it easier for an injured person to recover damages. The statue of limitations on liability cases can be up to 12 years.

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