Seattle woman attacked by pit bull and suffers multiple dog bite injuries

A Seattle woman — Katelynn Doolittle — credits a man who came to her attack with saving her life when she was attacked by a vicious pit bull near Lake Washington.

According to King 5 News of Seattle, Doolittle was jogging when a pit bull escaped its owner and attacked her; she was bitten five times. Matt Lloyd ran to her rescue she credits him with saving her life. Lloyd was also bitten by the dog.

Whenever we discuss pit bulls on this forum, we usually get a lot of comments. Many people say that a pit bull’s nature is not to be aggressive but that it is nurture and the way they are raised that makes them turn vicious.

The 2009 dog bite statistics reveal that there were 32 people killed in dog attacks and in 44% of those fatal attacks, the dog(s) involved were pit bulls. When we look at “rampage attacks,” attacks where one ore more dogs are involved or more than one person is injured, pit bulls were involved in 58% of those cases.

University of Washington animal behaviorist Dr. Jim Ha says,

The reason we’re focusing just on pit bulls is that we hear so much about them, and that is not because of the breed difference, the genetic difference – that’s because of the way they’ve been raised.

Dog bite injuries can cause serious physical and psychological trauma. Victims of severe dog mauling often require multiple surgeries, leaving victims with both psychological and permanent scarring and nerve damages.

Washington State has a dog bite law, RCW 16.08.040, which makes the owner of any dog which bites a person to be liable for the damages inflicted by the dog regardless of whether the dog was previously identified as vicious.

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