Seattle Times investigates adult family homes and elder abuse, neglect

In 2010 The Seattle Times won a Pulitzer Prize for local reporting with their article, The slaying of four Lakewood police officers. In another display of excellent reportage, The Times has an ongoing investigation into Adult Family Homes (AFH) which conceal the abuse and neglect of some of our most vulnerable citizens, the elderly and infirm.

The series entitled “Seniors for Sale” is in 5 parts:

  1. The Owners – describes the home-care industry and how it exploits the elderly.
  2. The Homes – describes how an AFH can stay in business even though there has been a death and evidence of a pattern of neglect of elderly residents.
  3. The Exodus – describes how the State of Washington saves money placing the ill elderly in AFH instead of skilled nursing facilities where they can receive proper medical care.
  4. The Deaths – details cases of suspicious deaths where the deaths were not even investigated despite signs of abuse or neglect.
  5. The Hidden Victims – describes how AFHs hide neglect and how some health-care professionals, despite being Mandatory Reporters, fail to report the problem.

The Times has done a fantastic job in their series and they provide resources such as:

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