Seattle doctor’s licensed suspended on charges of having sex with patient

The Washington State Department of Health has suspended the license of Dr. Ceferino Fernandez, 62, a Seattle physician and surgeon who has practiced medicine in Washington State since 1984. According to the filing papers, Fernandez allegedly had non-consensual sex with a female patient who came to him for treatment of stomach pains. Fernandez has not been charged with a crime at this point and has 20 days to respond to his license suspension. Fernandez cannot practice or work as a physician in Washington pending a hearing.

Dr. Fernandez admits he had sex with the patient but he claims it was consensual. According to the report, the alleged victim came to the clinic on October 25th with stomach pains. She says the doctor fondled her breasts, engaged in oral sex and had sexual intercourse with her. She said that a similar incident happened several years ago but she was too embarrassed and blamed herself so she did not report it. This time, however, she went to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle and reported the physician. To view the charges, see the Department of Health web-site.

The alleged incident occurred at the Family Medical Clinic near Rainier Beach.

There are many forms of medical malpractice. In Washington State medical malpractice can be charged if a doctor’s conduct falls below the “standard of care.” This patient may or may not have suffered physical injuries, she may have been traumatized and may need counseling for psychological damage.

At The Farber Law Group, we represent people who have been taken advantage of by their physician or other people with power over them. We pursue a claim to recover compensation for any physical and emotional damage. Compensation may include money for medical treatment, counseling and for pain and suffering. Victims deserve to recover compensation to help them receive the psychological care they need to recover from the trauma of sexual abuse.

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