Seattle doctor’s license suspended for investigation of malpractice

The Seattle Times reports that the State Department of Health has suspended the license of Dr. George Mathew, 46 (read their news release here). According to the suspension order, Mathew’s treatment of four patients in the Pend Oreille County hospital emergency room is being investigated for “negligence, incompetence and malpractice.” The order says, “In order to immediately suspend a practitioner’s license, the commission and the health department must have evidence that demonstrates the practitioner’s conduct puts patients in immediate danger. A summary suspension is the strongest, most immediate action possible.” He was working in an ER room as a temporary doctor.

seattle malpractice attorneyMatthew, through his Seattle attorney Jeff Coopersmith, denies the allegations.

The charges include:

  • Failing to treat a man suffering from a heart attack
  • Failing to stitch up a laceration in a woman’s leg
  • Failing to stitch up the lip of another woman after she had a fall
  • Failing to treat a patient who present a complaint of blood and vomit in his stool

Mathew has currently been working out of an office in Seattle’s Belltown. He has been under probation since 2005 for other incidents. In 2005, he agreed to certain conditions imposed by the Department of Health so that he could keep his license. One of those conditions was that he would only work in an emergency room.

This information was brought to you by Washington Injury Attorney, a service of The Farber Law Group. We have more than 40 years experience in representing people who have been seriously injured due to physician or hospital malpractice. In Washington State, a health care provider must maintain a “standard of care” and he or she is negligent if they “failed to exercise that degree of care, skill and learning expected of a reasonably prudent health care provider at that time in the profession or class to which he belongs.”

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