Seattle Children’s Hospital holding safety seminars after death of 2 children due to medication mistakes

Seattle Children’s Hospital held a Patient Safety Day for more than 550 staff members including doctors, nurses and pharmacists in the hopes that it prevents medication errors that killed two young children in the last year; Zaia Kautner, 8-months-old, died after receiving 10 times the prescribed dosage of calcium chloride and Avery Plaster, a newborn, after receiving medication that was not authorized by a physician.

Eleven seminars out of the 28 seminars given focused on medication safety.

Other safety seminars included:

  • Decreasing verbal orders
  • Increasing safety of verbal orders
  • Standardizing medications on care units
  • Ordering, dispensing and administering high-risk medications
  • How to deal with interruptions
  • Peer-to-peer communications

The President of Children’s Hospital said of the safety initiatives:

“It’s so very important that we never forget that we harmed these children.”

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