Seattle 911 Motor Vehicle Accident Dispatches; Memorial Day

The following lists the car and truck accidents to which fire engines, aide cars and medics were dispatched in and around Seattle on May 31, 2010:

  • Motor Vehicle Accident Freeway – 4:11:19 PM – Ambulance and two engines dispatched to South Bound Interstate 5 at Mid Boeing Field
  • Motor Vehicle Accident – 3:36:48 PM – Engine dispatched to 4239 Walla Walla Rd NE
  • Motor Vehicle Accident – 3:20:34 PM – Ambulance dispatched to 700 Yesler Way
  • Motor Vehicle Accident – 12:41:28 – Engine dispatched to NW 59th Street / 15th Avenue NW
  • Motor Vehicle Accident 12:23:45 PM – Engine dispatched to Corliss Ave N / North Northgate Way
  • Motor Vehicle Accident – 11:55:50AM – Ambulance dispatched to Bell Street / 3rd Avenue
  • Motor Vehicle Accident – 11:30:55AM – Engine dispatched to Greenwood Ave. North / Holman Rd North
  • Motor Vehicle Accident – 10:35:29 AM – Engine dispatched to W. Wheeler St /10th Av W
  • Motor Vehicle Accident – 10:04:45AM – Ambulance dispatched to 1st Avenue/Yesler Way
  • Motor Vehicle Accident 2:39:53AM – Engine dispatched to 6th Avenue/Union Street
  • Motor Vehicle Accident – 1:58:48 AM – Engine dispatched to 4th Av S / S/ Main Street

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