School administrator awarded $5 million in medical malpractice misdiagnosis case

A California middle school administrator has been awarded a $5 million binding medical malpractice judgment against Kaiser HMO physicians who failed to diagnoses his symptoms which led to a stroke, leaving Howard paralyzed and disabled reports The Los Angeles Times.

Timothy Howard was diagnosed with a migraine by Kaiser’s physicians, California state’s largest HMO. Howard actually had a carotid artery tear which interrupted the blood flow to his head resulting in a stroke leaving him permanently paralyzed. If Howard had been diagnosed and treated properly with medication, his artery would have repaired itself and Howard would have avoided the disabling consequences of the misdiagnosis.

While Kaiser did not discipline their physicians the said their physicians learned from the case. Said Kaiser spokesman, Jim Anderson:

“They are more vigilant when they encounter cases with the symptoms that Mr. Howard reported to them.”

The $5 million malpractice award is intended to cover the cost of Howard’s care and medical costs. He is unable to work and care for himself. Howard and his wife, Mary, were also awarded noneconomic damages of $250,000 each.

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