Safety tips in the event of a car breakdown or fender bender accident

If you have been in a fender bender accident or your car breaks down on the highway, your first thought should be your own safety. You should try to get your vehicle to a safe location before getting out if it to avoid being hit by other vehicles. Unfortunately, approximately 600 people are killed every year as pedestrians on interstate highways.

When driving, if you suspect car trouble, slow your car down, turn your signals on and maneuver your car to the breakdown lane or off of the road. Turn on your hazard lights.

Car Break Down Safety Tipsemergency flares

  • Do not get out of your vehicle until it is safely off of the highway or road.
  • If your car or truck is not drivable, stay in the vehicle and call for help. In most circumstances, it is not safe to stand outside of your vehicle when traffic is flowing around it.
  • Even if you have a blowout or flat tire, move the vehicle to safe place even if it means driving on the rim of the wheel.
  • Do not stand behind your car while waiting for help. If the vehicle is in the roadway, you should stand away from the vehicle while you wait for help to arrive.
  • Use road flares and hazard lights to warn advancing drivers of your vehicle’s location.

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