Safety Tips for driving during flash flood and severe storm warnings

bellevue car accident lawyerThe National Weather Service has issued a flood watch for parts of Western Washington including King, Snohomish and Thurston counties. The flood warning goes into effect today through noon tomorrow afternoon.

The Weather Service is expecting heavy rainfall with the storm moving from the Olympic mountains eastward. Rain could fall at a rate of a a half inch an hour but there is a potential that is some low lying areas to have 1 to 2 inches of rain and up to 4 inches in the Cascades.

The heavy rainfall could lead to stream flooding which can result in flash flooding.

Driving During Flash Flood Warnings

Motorists should heed flash flood warnings. Following are some recommendations for driver safety:

  • Be cautious of driving during rainfall and in areas where flooding is common.
  • Remember that there may be no warning of an impending flash flood.
  • Do not drive in low lying areas unless absolutely necessary.
  • Do not drive in an area that is flooded and, if you see a flooded road, turn around and do not attempt to drive through it.
  • Do not cross even shallow water because you do not know if the road has given way underneath it or whether your car might get washed away.
  • If you drive through standing water, your car may stall. If it stalls, you should leave it and head for high ground.
  • Remember than only a foot or two of standing water can cause most vehicles to float.
  • Rushing water can sweep away most passenger vehicles.

Driving During Thunder and Lightning Storms

  • Slow down!
  • Use your headlights even during daylight
  • Avoid driving if possible
  • Leave plenty of braking distance between you and the car ahead of you.
  • In extremely severe weather, pull off the road and use your emergency flashers.
  • If you pull off the road, try to park away from trees or power poles that might fall.
  • Be extremely careful at intersections especially if the power is out.

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