Riverbend residents warned to boil water after E-coli found

Seattle’s King.5 reports that residents of the Riverbend community near North Bend, Washington have been advised to boil their tap water before using it to brush teeth, cook, wash dishes or make ice. The Washington State Department of Health made the advisement after it was found that the tap water may be contaminated with E-coli.

E-coli is a food or water-borne bacteria
which can cause severe illness in people. Symptoms of a foodborne illness may include dehydration, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, fatigue, fever, headache, nausea and severe abdominal cramping.

Most people recover quickly from an infection of E-coli, however, in some cases it is known to cause severe illness and life-threatening complications. In the young, the very old and people with weakened immune systems, E-coli can require the victim to be hospitalized. Severe complications can include HUS kidney failure which causes a victim’s kidneys to shut down.

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