Reminder to Washington parents: all children under age 13 should ride in rear seat

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission along with the Washington State Highway Patrol have issued a reminder to parents that any child under the age of 13 should be buckled up in the rear or backseat of a motor vehicle, and should never ride in the front seat.

WSP Chief John R Batiste said, “Getting kids complete out of the front seat is equally important.” This is due to the fact that many vehicles have airbags which could seriously injure a child if it were deployed.

Motor vehicle accident statistics show that children are 25% safer riding in a back seat even if there is not a front seat airbag.

Of the children killed in car accidents, 40% were not properly restrained by either a seat belt or a booster seat.

The WSP will continue to operate emphasis patrols to remind people to wear seat belts. Washington State has the third highest compliance rate in the Nation for seat belt use at 95.5%.

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