Record $677M verdict against nursing home corporation

Members of a class-action lawsuit which represented 32,000 patients cared for by Skilled Healthcare have won a $677M verdict against Skilled Healthcare, a corporation that operates 76 skilled nursing facilities and 21 assisted living facilities in Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, Washington, Arizona, Nevada , New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Missouri and Iowa.

The class action lawsuit claimed that Skilled Healthcare violated safety codes by providing inadequate nursing staff and other staff at the homes resulting in injury to the patients.

The heart of California’s case against Skilled Healthcare is that state law requires 3.2 nursing hours per day. Documents which were presented in the nursing home neglect trial showed that Skilled Healthcare did not provide this level of care. The federal recommendation is 4.1 nursing hours per patient.

The company is appealing the verdict and it is likely they will face bankruptcy if the jury’s verdict is upheld.

Many nursing homes are owned by public companies whose for-profit-motives influence their decisions. Many cases of injury to nursing home residents can be traced back to inadequate staffing and training.

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