Puyallup man killed in when teenagers run stop sign after prank

A 21-year-old Puyallup man was killed in a car accident around 10:30 Saturday night after a car full of teenagers drove through a stop sign without headlights on and plowed into the driver’s side of the car the man was driving. Shawn Ausbun, 21, was driving his car home from work and was traveling west on 118th Street East when he was broadsided. The force of the impact knocked the two cars off of the road.

According to Pierce County Sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer, as reported by the Tacoma New Tribune, a Ford Expedition with seven teenagers inside pulled a prank at a friend’s house and then sped off without head lights on. The driver of the Expedition may have been speeding when he ran the stop sign at 118th Street East and 98th Avenue East in Puyallup.

After the accident, all but one of the teens fled the accident scene. The one that stayed at the accident scene was injured. The report said that the 17 year old driver went to the South Hill Mall area and phoned 9-1-1 and reported his car stolen. Police said that five of the teens that fled returned to the accident scene, identified the Expedition’s driver and the story of what really happened unfolded.

The death of Ausbun is certainly tragic. The repercussions will also be life-altering for the driver of the Expedition. Besides Ausbun’s senseless death, fleeing the accident scene and filing a false police report speaks volumes about the character of the driver of the Expedition.

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