Proving Who is at Fault in a Slip and Fall Accident

Having a slip and fall accident is not an uncommon occurrence; thousands of people slip and fall every single year due to all kinds of causes. It can be a work related injury, to falling on ice in front of someone’s house, or even falling down a flight of stairs at a friend’s house.

slip_and_fall.jpgHow do you know who is responsible if you have a slip and fall accident? If you have been injured in an accident of this type, you should first keep in mind that falls happen, and are a part of normal life. If you are going to file a personal injury claim for a slip and fall accident, you have to first prove that the party you are suing is responsible for negligence in some way. This can mean that they didn’t shovel their sidewalk, or something spilled in a business location and it was not cleaned up right away and there was no notification that a fall was a possibility. If you fall on someone else’s property because you tripped over drainage grates for example, which are necessary and serve a purpose, the homeowner probably cannot be held liable since there is no negligence on their part to clean that up.

A property owner is not responsible if someone trips over something that they should know is there. For example simply falling down stairs is not negligence; this is a case of not watching where you are going. We all need to look where we step.

Of course, homeowners and property owners need to keep up their property. Proving a personal injury claim in a slip and fall accident can be difficult and murky at best; you will have to have some proof that the owner of the property where you fell failed to do something that would have prevented your fall. Clearing branches, wiping up spills, or dealing with weather related issues like snow or ice are all things that the owner could be held responsible for. If you fall because you weren’t paying attention to where you were going, you’re probably not going to have much of a case.

In short, slip and fall accidents happen, and if someone could have prevented it and failed to, they should be held responsible. If you simply failed to watch out for yourself, you should have to incur all damages yourself.

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