Preventing motorcycle accidents and keeping safe

Motorcyclists have the highest risk of injury accident or fatality of any motor vehicle on the road. In fact, motorcyclists are sixteen times more at risk than drivers of cars to be seriously injured or killed in a motorcycle accident.

Washington State requires that motorcyclists get a motorcycle license endorsement to ride a motorcycle on the road. The motorcycle endorsement can be obtained by taking an approved motorcycle rider course or pass a motorcycle knowledge and riding test.

Motorcycle accident and injury prevention tips:

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  • Motorcycle — insure your motorcycle is in good working condition. This includes checking that both the front and back brakes are working and that the lights are cleans. Motorcyclists should also check their tires. Approximately 3% of motorcycle accidents are caused by mechanical problems and most of these are tire-related. Make sure your tires are in good shape.
  • Road conditions — poor road conditions should be taken into consideration when motorcycle riding. 15% of motorcycle accidents are attributed to road hazards such as icy roads, pot holes, defective roads and sharp drop offs.
  • Alcohol — motorcycle riders drive under the influence at a statistically higher rate than the drivers are cars or trucks. All motorists should avoid driving under the influence.
  • Other motorists — Motorcyclists need to anticipate the actions of other drivers and alter their own positioning in the road and speed. Motorcyclists should look over their right shoulder before changing lanes.
  • Visibility — Motorcyclists should make themselves visible by wearing bright clothes and using headlights during the day and night.
  • Driving Behavior — Motorcyclists should avoid aggressive driving behaviors including splitting the road, weaving in and out and speeding.
  • Clothing — Motorcyclists should dress in clothing that will keep them warm because becoming too cold may impair the rider. Impact injuries may be lessened if the rider wears clothing with padding in the knees and elbows especially designed for motorcycle riders.
  • Helmet — Traumatic brain injuries are the cause of death in 80% of motorcycle accident fatalities. Wear an approved helmet with a full face shield.

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