Police investigating retirement home worker on suspicion of theft

Police are investigating a 25-year-old nursing home worker for theft from a 99-year-old man and other residents of the Park Vista retirement and assisted living facility in Port Orchard.

According to a article on KIRO TV, the unidentified woman is suspected of one $100 theft and two other thefts at the home.

Loss Prevention at Nursing Facilities

Lost or stolen items is a common problem at nursing homes. Clothing and money can easily be lost or stolen. With the elderly, it’s easy to chock up some missing items to dementia or senility. It is the duty of the nursing home facility to have procedures to protect residents and to reduce lost and theft. These procedures should include:

  • Background checks on all nursing home personnel.
  • Employee training on how to respond to theft allegations.
  • Maintain an inventory of a resident’s personal possessions.
  • Marking resident’s personal property.
  • Documenting theft and property loss of $25 or more.
  • Reporting stolen property with a value of $100 or more to authorities.

Drug Theft at Nursing Facilities

Another type of theft in nursing home and adult care facilities is prescription drug thefts that some employees or visitors do to feed their own addiction or to sell the medication. In drug theft cases, the elderly are often denied their pain medication. Prosecuted cases include theft of pain patches and pills, and also cases where a patient’s pain medications were stolen to be replaced with Tylenol or some other medication so the patient would not notice the theft.

Theft is Elder Abuse

There are many forms of elder abuse including neglect, mistreatment and medical malpractice. Theft is yet another form of elder abuse. For most elderly, moving into a nursing facility and leaving the familiar environment of home is traumatic enough. The elderly have to leave many treasured possessions behind in such a move. To be stolen from or to be denied medications due to theft

Nursing Home Neglect Attorney

If you have a loved one who has been the victim of elder neglect of abuse, you should contact a personal injury attorney who can help you understand any legal remedies available to you.

This information is provided by The Farber Law Group, a Bellevue law firm with 30 years of experience representing victims of nursing home abuse and malpractice and their families.

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