Police believe couple killed by pack of dogs

Georgia police believe that a couple that they found dead on a rural Georgia road were mauled to death by a pack of dogs.

USA Today
reports that an autopsy on Sherry Schweder, 65, a bibliographer at the University of Georgia’s library, showed that she probably died of dog attack injuries. While the autopsy on her husband, Lothar Karl Schweder, 77 and a former college professor, are not yet available, it is believed that he also died as a result of injuries inflicted by dogs.

The couple’s bodies were found near the couple’s home in Lexington. Police are not sure whether the dogs were wild or pets but they plan to find them and capture.

Approximately 800,000 Americans require medical treatment every year because of dog bites according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Every year, approximately 16 people die due to dog-related injuries. In Seattle, there are approximately 300 dog bites reported to Animal Control each year.

Consequences from dog bites can be serious including permanent nerve damage, disfigurement, and psychological trauma. Many severe dog bites require multiple surgeries.

Many dog bites and dog attacks are due to the negligence of the dog’s owners. In cases of negligence, a victim may have a valid claim against the dog owner’s property insurance.

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