Police arrest DUI driver twice within five hours

KOMO News reports that a Boise, Idaho woman was arrested for DUI twice within in a five hour period.

According to the report, Michelle Caves, 47, was arrested at around 5:30pm on Tuesday and her blood alcohol content (BAC) was measured at four times the legal limit.

Caves was booked and released whereupon she returned to her vehicle around 10pm and drove again. Police stopped her and this time her BAC was about three times the legal limit. She was re-arrested.

This scenario happened in Washington state quite frequently but the legislature just enacted a 12 hour DUI impound law, Senate Bill 5000. The law which went into effect this month allows police to impound a drunker driver’s for 12 hours after they arrest someone for DUI.

The Washington law, known as “Hailey’s Law” was enacted to prevent the scenario that we see in this case. The woman in the KOMO news story could have very well gotten into a motor vehicle accident and seriously injured or killed someone.

This information is provided by Washington Injury Attorney blog, a service of The Farber Law Group. We represent people who have been seriously injured in accidents caused by drunken drivers and the family of those killed.

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