Police agencies across Washington State cracking down on night time seat belt offenders

Sixty police agencies in Washington State — including the Seattle Police Department — are looking for drivers who aren’t wearing their seat belts while driving at nighttime according to King5.com. The seat belt emphasis patrols hope to catch drivers who aren’t wearing seat belts and may be alcohol or drug impaired or engaged in other illegal activities.

seattle car accident lawyerStudies show that four times more fatal car accidents occur at night in a good part because night time drivers have a higher incidence of seat belt non-compliance. It is estimated that 4% of all drivers at nighttime do not wear seat belts.

State Troopers and police departments will issue a citation which will costs drivers $125.00 if they find someone driving without a seat belt fastened.

Vehicle Code RCW 46.61.688 requires drivers to use a Safety Belt while operating a motor vehicle.

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