Pit bull dog attacks boy in front of school

A 10-year-old boy was attacked and bitten by a pit-bull dog while riding his scooter on the sidewalk in front of his school reports a media release by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

In the release, the public information officer said that the dog came across the street in front of the Beaverton International School at 17770 SW Blanton Street in unincorporated Aloha, Oregon and attacked the boy. The dog started biting the boy in the legs. The boy kicked at the dog and the boy’s father and a neighbor came over to assist the boy. The boy’s injuries were not life-threatening, though he had several bites to both of his legs.
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The owner of the dog is Brian Rider, age 35, lives at 17735 SW Blanton street. This is the 3rd documented account of this dog biting someone. Rader was cited for violating the Washington County Dangerous Dog ordinance.

Pit bull dog breeds are in the news in Oregon a lot this month as Senate Bill 667 was introduced to ban the breed. The bill is highly contentious as some people have contacted their legislators with stories of how their pit bulls are beloved pets and members of the family. They say that pit bull owners should not be punished for the irresponsible acts of a few owners. Similar bill are pending in several states including Washington D.C., Texas, Florida, and Hawaii. Earlier in 2009, Montana defeated a bill that would ban pit bulls.

Oregon’s dangerous dog law, O.R.S. Sec 609.098 makes dog owners strictly liable for economic damages if a person is injured by a dog.

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0 responses to “Pit bull dog attacks boy in front of school”

  1. gage says:

    pitbulls are wonderfull pets and the only way they would act like this is because of there owners im tired of the public jumping all over pitbull cases if u take the time to think there are other dog attacks not just pitbulls i am 14 and i own 2 pit bulls and they are the most loyal dogs in the world i dont think pitbulls should be banned the pitbulls need a voice in this

  2. gage says:

    Pit bulls were not bred to be aggressive towards humans; on the contrary they were specifically bred away from it. In the 1800s, English breeders killed any pit bull showing signs of the trait.

  3. Helly says:

    I was with the police for seven years, and police don’t use pit bull for a reason, they are highly unstable animals. I should know our beloved pit bull turn on my son while he was in the yard. I think the breed shouldn’t be outlaw but the owners should be licensed to have the breed. That means special insurance, training for both the dog and the owner.

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