Pit bull attacks Moses Lake 6 year old

The Seattle Post Intelligencer reports that a 6 year old Moses Lake boy, Alex Medina, was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle and is in serious condition after being attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull last Friday.

Medina suffered serious injuries to his face, scalp and ears. According to the report, Medina was in his own backyard when the dog entered and attacked him. His mother and some relatives pulled the dog off of the boy.

Medina was first taken to Samaritan Hospital in Ephrata before he was moved to Harborview.

This attack came a week after Huong Le, 71 of SeaTac suffered severe injuries after a vicious attack by two pit bulls running loose in her neighborhood. In that horrific incident, police killed the two dogs and confiscated two others owned by the same man.

Le suffered serious injuries with dog bite wounds all over her body, her ears were torn off and had to be re-attached and she suffered a broken wrist or arm.

In August, we reported on a Federal Way girl attacked and bitten by a pit bull when she was dropping off a business card on its owner’s front porch.

The owners of the dogs in these incidents should face criminal charges. People with serious dog bite injuries also deserve to be compensated for all of their current and future medical costs, cost of rehabilitation and for pain and suffering.

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