Pet “doggy” doors factor in drownings, may be a ‘portal to danger’ for small children

Drowning prevention groups and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says research has shown that around 100 cases of drowning or near drowning has occurred because small children were able to escape their home via a pet door.

While this cause of pool access and drowning are rare, people need to be aware that children can escape even through an 8-by-11 inch pet door reports Pet Access, a web-site which was created by the mother of a two-year-old who managed to squeeze through a doggy door and make his way to a the family’s backyard swimming pool where he drowned. Carol Ranfone of Spring Hill, Fla, is advocating for design changes in pet doors.
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The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends pool fences that are at least 4 feet high so that children can not get near the pool.

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