Pedestrians beware when walking after dark

For people living in the greater Seattle area and in the Northwest, this time of year finds us with short days and long nights which can cause an increase in pedestrian and bicycle accidents. In the evening hours between 6pm and 12am and early morning hours between 5am and 8am, pedestrians and bicyclists have to be extra careful to avoid being a victim.

We just read about a pedestrian accident near Parkland, Washington in which three pedestrians were injured when they were hit by a car. The three were crossing Route 7 at the intersection of 134th street when they struck.

The driver has not been cited pending an investigation. The driver told police that he did not see the pedestrians who were in an unlighted crosswalk. All three of the pedestrians were wearing dark clothing.

While the investigation is ongoing, we wish all three of the injured a speedy recovery. It’s also time to use this accident as a cautionary tale to remind pedestrians of some nighttime walking safety tips to prevent the pain and injury of an accident.

  1. Realize that drivers may not be able to see you at night time especially if the weather is poor and the streets not well-lighted.
  2. Wear reflective clothing or carry a light so you can been seen. Light clothing and reflective products such as 3M Scotchlite and Reflexite can improve your visibility.
  3. Avoid streets and roads that are not well lit
  4. Do not presume a motorist sees you because you are in a crosswalk.
  5. Do not dart in the street or cross mid-block.
  6. Scan the road for oncoming traffic before crossing.

This information is provided by Washington Injury Attorney blog, a service of The Farber Law Group. We represent people who have been seriously injured in pedestrian and bicycle accidents and the family of those killed. With our help, you may be able to obtain compensation for your damages if your accident was caused by the negligence of another.


KOMO News: 3 people hit by car on SR-7 near Parkland

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