Pedestrian injured, guide dog killed in Kennewick pedestrian accident

A Kennewick man, Bernard Vinther, was injured and his guide dog was killed in a pedestrian accident in Kennewick on Wednesday evening.

According to a report in the, Vinther, who is blind, was hit by a car driven by Victorino Mendoza, 46, of Pasco as he walked home around 7:30pm at Washington Street and Sixth Avenue.

Police are investigating the cause of the pedestrian accident. Vinther was being led by his dog and had entered the unmarked intersection when Medoza, who was changing into the right hand lane, hit Vinther and his dog.

Vinther’s dog, Kaber, was killed on impact. Vinther received some damage to his teeth, a cut, and bumps and bruises. Kaber has been Vinther’s guide and companion for about ten years and this is the worst pain of all for Vinther.

Police recommend for safety’s sake that all pedestrians wear reflective clothing in the early morning hours or late evening hours or wear some type of light.

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