Peanut butter recalled after salmonella contamination sickens people in seven states

The Seattle Times reports that King Nut Companies of Salon, Ohio has issued a re-call of their “King Nut” and “Parnell’s Pride” brand of peanut butter because of salmonella infection, a foodborne illness, linked to the brand. According to the Centers for Disease Control, they have “conclusively linked” these brand of peanut betters to the salmonella outbreak. While these brands are not sold at the retail level, they are available to institutions such as restaurants, schools, universities and hospitals. King Nut is the distributor of the brands which are manufactured by Peanut Corporation of America. To read about the FDA recall, click here:

salmonella-peanut-butter lawyer bellevue seattleThe salmonella outbreak may be nationwide but so far the outbreak seems to be affecting seven states with approximately 400 people with illness. Heidi Kassenborg of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture recommends that anyone with a King Nut or Parnell’s Pride brands with a lot code beginning with the number “8” to “throw it out.”

CDC officials can trace salmonella back to its source by making a genetic match. The salmonella in this peanut butter case is of type Typhimurium which has been linked to 11 cases in Washington State in 2008.

Salmonella infection
can cause fever, severe diarrhea and abdominal cramping, usually 12-72 hours after exposure. Physicians diagnose the infection through a stool sample. The illness can last four to seven days and most people recover without any treatment. However, the elderly, small children, infants and those with impaired immune systems may become severely ill. If the infection spreads to a person’s bloodstream it can cause death unless antibiotic treatment is initiated promptly.

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