Passengers on Alaska flight at Seattle Tacoma sickened by de-icer fumes

Eighteen members of a Burbank, California bound Alaska Airlines flight were sickened when fumes from the de-icer fluid permeated a Boeing 737 at SeaTac. The fumes caused eye irritation and nausea among the crew and passengers, some who required eye washes at the airport. The pilots and five flight attendants were taken to Highlight Medical Center in Burien as a precaution.

An Alaska Airlines spokesperson, Caroline Boren, said that the airlines is trying to figure out how a concentration of the de-icer fluid was so strong in the plane. Boren said, “A mild smell during de-icing isn’t unusual, eye irritation is.”

De-icer fluid is used to keep ice from accumulating on an airplane before it takes off.

According to the article in The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the passengers and crew were able to take later flights about four hours later.

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